Brooklyn Beach Rocks was conceived of by Brooklyn based designer Lauren Berodt-Ramirez. 

When Lauren started creating her beads with their soft pastels, vibrant primaries, warm earth tones and bursts of gold, the look was beachy.  As a beach lover who has lived by some of the worlds most celebrated coastlines in California, Costa Rica and now New York, she wanted to highlight the aesthetic of that beach vibe.  


Every "rock" is hand-sculpted using white stoneware then painted and adorned with 22k gold luster, no two are the same.  "I have a few special pieces of jewelry that really stand out and I wear them often, these beach rocks have that same special feeling."

Lauren enjoys creating her sculptural beads while listening to podcasts in her home studio.   


Headed to 'Sconset Beach

Home studio aka the dining room

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